The Subtle Walk

© 2016 Yusri Yusof

This series takes place in Gion, Kyoto where a tradition with hundreds of years of heritage is still being practiced by exclusive numbers of devoted ladies. I spent an evening in the many alleys of Gion to witness the elusive geishas who still performing in a number of tea houses (Ochaya).

As the sun sets and the ambiance descend into an ancient Kyoto of the past, out of nowhere, the geishas, one by one appears into the night. They walk faster than the normal walking pace but with such grace and subtlety. As they enter the Ochaya, it seems as if the past has disappeared and the life of modern Japan is back in reality.

Although the numbers of practicing geisha are dwindling compared to the years before, this unique tradition will not diminish so quickly as it was once the heartbeat of Gion, Kyoto.


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Gion, Kyoto, Japan, Moriyama