Mohd Syafirul Abdullah

Mohd Syafirul Abdullah

Galleries and Personal Works:

Gallery in Black and WhitePenang, 2016

Gallery in ColorsPenang, 2016

Mohd Syafirul Abdullah (nickname: MSyah Abd)

Mohd Syafirul Abdullah was born in Negeri Sembilan has the heart for photography since his young age. He has been to many places and has seen a lot throughout his growing years.  He then finally resides and started a family in Penang, Malaysia. After years of working in four different companies, he finally was able to own his very first dSLR with Kit Lens. His dream in pursuing photography has finally come true as he started with landscape photography. After 7 months in the genre, he wanted to challenge himself by trying Street Photography.

Street photography is not as easy as it seems. “To hunt is rather challenging then to wait”. He observes peoples’ daily routine and started to capture the moment. To frame a moment highly depends on how well we see and how we interpret it. These days, he prefers to use a wide lens as it helped him to get close to his subject at the same time gained his confidence when interacting with the public. Besides, the beauty of Street Photography allows him to build up strong bonds both with a total stranger and also with people who share a common interest.

Throughout his journey in Street Photography, he has yet encountered any bad experience and he continuously pressed his shutter wherever he finds it interesting, mostly in Kuala Lumpur and in Georgetown, Penang. Mohd Syafirul  is the founder of Malaysian Street Photography Black and White (MSPBW) group.


  • 4th Place, “My Balik Pulau” Photo Competition organized by Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM), Penang, 2015
  • Participated in “World Travel Photos” Group Exhibition organized by Street2Street, Kuala Lumpur, 2015
  • Participated in “Gamal (Wajah)” Group Exhibition organized by Street2Street, Langkawi, 2016
  • Participated in “Hari Hari Foto” Group Exhibition organized by Hari Hari Foto, Penang, 2016
  • Participated in “FJM” Group Exhibition organized by KLPF, Kuala Lumpur 2016
  • Organized Several “Street Photo Walks” and “Workshops” for MSPBW, Penang, Ipoh, Kuala Lumpur, 2015-2016
  • Organized “Sembang Teh Tarik” Photo Talks by Eddie Putera, Penang, May 2016
  • Organized “Sembang Teh Tarik” Photo Talks by Razz Rosfaizal, Penang, Nov 2016

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MSPBW Facebook


I am not an expert in this field, way further than that. However, if you want to capture life through the lens of a camera, carry on. There is no such thing as obstacles and rules to be followed but what’s more important is; passion. By taking photos every day, it will help us to be braver in capturing moments.


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