Mohd Anang Hanafi Mohamad

Mohd Anang Hanafi Mohamad (nickname: Raven CoRvus)

Mohd Anang Hanafi Mohamad aka Raven CoRvus was born in Kuala Terengganu, and now working at Port Klang, Selangor in the government sector. He is a self-taught photographer. Influenced by Henri Cartier-Bresson, Alex Webb, and generally many street photographers around the world.

He started photography in the year 2013. At the beginning, He took more pictures of landscapes and nature. He loved capturing beautiful moments from the daily life began in mid-2016 as he developed a strong passion for Street Photography during his many holiday trips.


  • Participated in “FJM” Group Exhibition organized by KLPF, Kuala Lumpur 2016

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Capture the uncertainty and make it certain.


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