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Kenny Ng

Kenny Ng is based in Penang, Malaysia started his journey in photography in the year 2012 after he bought a compact camera and start to walk in the streets and taking photographs. He believes everyone has his own unique perspective and view towards matters. He just shot what he had perceived. Every time he walks the streets, he made a photograph based on his mood and what is interest him.

“It is like a reaction, when I perceived something special, I trigger my shutter to capture the image. Life is full of interesting happenings that attract my interest, makes me curious and eager to record the moment with my camera.”

“What is Street Photography? For me, street photography is a freedom to shoot anything. It is like masturbating, I do not need anyone to agree nor disagree with me or limiting me to trigger the shutter because it is all about my own personal view. In fact, I am a person who enjoys walking the street and making a photograph with my camera.”


  • Participated in Photo Now Group Exhibition, Hong Kong, 2014.
  • Participated in Contemporary Photo Now Exhibition, Hong Kong, 2014.
  • Participate in Eyes Double Vision Photo Now Exhibition, Hong Kong, 2014.
  • Participated in “LOST” Photo Exhibition, Johor, Malaysia, 2015.


  • Penang Record 2015, By Kenny Ng, Eden Lai, Hean Kuan

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I like the black-and-white images. I believe black and white is more mystery than others. It’s easy to see the light and shadow in our life. The natural and comfort is actually part of photography. Black-and-white images sometimes express a kind of super-realism, because it shows a strong sense of beauty and not realism after the color is faded.


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