Japan Street Photography: Homage to Daido

© 2015 Hean Kuan Ong

All the photographs in this album are taken in Shinjuku. That is my homage to Daido Moriyama, the greatest Japanese street photographer. My impression of Daido Moriyama’s works is black, lonely, timid but yet attractive. He walks the streets especially Shinjuku, taking random shots for many years, and still doing it. He does mention while he was walking the streets of Shinjuku taking random pictures, he was actually capturing the desire of humankind, as if he is capturing his desire too.

I started to think, what is so impressive about Shinjuku? What attracts him so much until he can keep shooting in Shinjuku? Therefore I decided to travel Tokyo and stayed at Shinjuku. I want to experience the streets that been walking by him, trying to realize what he meant about the desire. In fact, the shots I made end up reflects my desire towards Shinjuku.


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Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan