Hean Kuan Ong

Hean Kuan Ong

Hean Kuan, Ong based in Penang, Malaysia is a software engineer at work, but taking photographs of daily life. His photography works mainly focus on street and documentary. Influenced by Daido Moriyama‘s work, he begins his body of work on taking street documentary in Penang since 2013.

He traveled to various cities documenting local lifestyle with his style of street photography; cities visited include Tibet, Beijing, Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Hanoi, Hong Kong, Bangkok, and Singapore. Together with Eden Lai and Kenny Ng, he started his indie photo book publisher WOB at Feb 2016 and started to publish photo book and photo zine.


  • EmpART Sekawan Art Exhibition Guess Talk “My journey to Street Photography”, at Chai Diam Ma Cafe, Penang, Malaysia, 2015.
  • Joint Photography Exhibition “Journey with Ricoh GR”, Selangor, Malaysia, 2015.
  • China Press Interview, 「街拍」系列四: 城市慾望流蕩, 2015.


  • Penang Record 2015, By Kenny Ng, Eden Lai, Hean Kuan
  • Photo Zine: Home Town

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I just react. The sense that comes to me, strike me, I react by triggering the shutter. Sometimes, I don’t even sure what will it be preserved, because it came too fast, but I realized that was what I wanted to photograph.


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