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A foreword note of gratitude foremost to the publisher. An early retirement from my corporate job which I held for 18 odd years due to back injuries, I turned to photography initially as an outlet managing my free time and as a mean of exercise. Begun reconnecting with photography, shooting sports. Eventually, the calling of the streets was too much a calling to resist. Growing up looking at my dad’s old street still photographs and later working with a camera manufacturing company, I was first introduced to the world of street photography looking at Japanese magazines working in Japan. It was only recently, within these couple of years that I begin taking my street photography from hobbies to being serious.

When on the streets, I use a DSLR, though I would love to be able to afford an analog sometime soon. Most often, I’m on a 15 – 80 mm wide lens and would constantly try and remain between 15 mm and 24 mm. I love getting close to my subjects. I love the mood, the expressions, the feel in the atmosphere, the “People”, short to says. Interacting, observing and most of often waiting for that “Candid”, that “Moment” and the shutter click! I also use a 50mm prime from time to time when I feel that I’m up for that extra walk-a-bout.

Kuala Lumpur is my prime location for street photography with areas like Chinatown, Bukit Bintang, Lebuh Ampang, Masjid Jamek and Chow Kit being my favorite haunts. These were the places that I used to frequent during my teenage yuppie years during the mid-80’s. To date, I think I’ve walked these areas, their back lanes countless but I keep coming back. I have many fond memories of these locations and the people. Bittersweet! I do occasionally visit other states including neighboring countries too. The last being at Ipoh. I love photographing the people, their expressions, their activities, their work, the ever-changing surroundings/architectures of old and new that blends in well to add contrast and that creates a nostalgic feel. There is never the same moment coming back, over and over again. The perspective of “Human Interest” at its very best!! I am fortunate that in my country, Malaysia, I am able to observe, witness and photograph people from diversified cultures, traditions, beliefs and religion. Thus, creating a natural stage with the people as my subject that are so vibrant and so colorful. This adds spice and layers to the photographs and their actions, “Real”!!

Currently working on freelance, taking my hobby, my passion to the next level would be my priority and hope to be able to evolve in creating my own interpretation, my own style of Street/Urban photographs on South East Asian streets. I hope to preserve my photographs and I hope that I would be able to share them with future Malaysians and to the rest of Asia and the World.

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