MSPCollective Best Street Photographs of 2016

In 2016, Malaysians witnessed various moments in their daily lives. Amongst them were cultural events, Independence Day and a major street rally and protest. The MSPCollective photographers were out there, passionately capturing the best moments which we have featured here.

The list of photographs is from the photographer’s personal best. 3 photographs from each photographer who selected it from a hundred or thousands of photographs they had captured in 2016.

Although there are still many other great photographs by each of them, this is their best three chosen. It would be interesting to know from them the reason these photographs were chosen. Each photograph with a story of its own and why it was captured.

Here we present to you, a gallery of MSPCollective Best Street Photographs of 2016. MSPCollective is proud to be associated with our photographers who has agreed to share their best photographic moments with our viewers. We hope in the coming year, they will continue to make great strides in capturing great street photography moments. We hope you like them and we look forward to receive your comments and views.

From the first row, Mohd Anang Hanafi Mohamad, Mohd Syafirul Abdullah, Mustaffa Ahmad, Mahfuz Jaffar, Muhamad Norli Amir Hamzah, Ahmad Zulhilmi, Agoes Alwi, Kee Zain Kee Yusof, Iskandar Ibrahim, Yusri Yusof, Azman Karib Ibrahim, Shahrizul Ahmad Shukri, and Damian Gerard.

Thanks for supporting us in 2016 and looking forward to what 2017 holds for us all.!



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