Cultural Mapping in Conjunction with Kota Peta Exhibition

Cultural Mapping

Kuala Lumpur Cultural Mapping – Design by © Mustaffa Ahmad @Tapa Otai / MSPCollective

Kuala Lumpur Friendly City – Mapping Visual Story of Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur, seen as the heart of Malaysia; is a city in transition. A bustling capital that show tell the tale of development; successes and challenges.  It is also a melting pot of cultures which offer something for everyone. The magical mayhem of this fast-paced city, its weaving train lines to traffic woes and tall buildings is also a place where a myriad of people interact in multiple languages and at every street corner, an array of local delicacies and surprises never fail to greet you!

In all her successes there surely are challenges at hand. Example, the city’s development plans have failed to preserve its heritage, slowly tearing away its rich history, especially old buildings, place of trade and its nostalgia in exchange for a common foreign modernity. Over time, the city will be no longer recognizable as it quickly segregates the old values vs. the new; the “have” and the “have not”.

Therefore, we deem this project with great emphasis and note the importance of recording present history preserving its essence, the tell tales and moments and hope to capture “moments” in is true form. History of a nation is powerful and we who photograph those “moments” play a crucial role in providing perspectives from different angles and the narratives.

The photographs compiled for Street Photography Friendly City – Mapping Visual Story of KL will have the power to go beyond what is written in the stories, the extension creates an archive of the untold truths of the nation.

MSPCollective  Street Photographers/Artists:

  1. Mahfuz Jaffar
  2. Azman Karib Ibrahim
  3. Muhammad Norli Amir Hamzah
  4. Mustaffa Ahmad
  5. Iskandar Ibrahim
  6. Mohd Anang Hanafi Mohamad
  7. Shahrizul Ahmad Shukri
  8. Mohd Syafirul Abdullah
  9. Damian Gerard
  10. Agoes Alwi

Street Photographs/Cultural Mapping:

  1. Jalan Petaling
  2. Medan Pasar
  3. Brickfields
  4. Bukit Bintang
  5. Chowkit
  6. Dataran Merdeka
  7. Jalan Masjid India
  8. Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman
  9. Lebuh Ampang
  10. Pasar Seni
  11. Pudu
  12. Kampung Baru

The Exhibition was held from 5 – 12 February, 2017 at Ruang by ThinkCity, Kuala Lumpur.

In collaboration with LiteraCity (organizer), UnRepresented Kuala Lumpur, LPPL, Booku, Cycling KL, People.Ideas.Culture, Lostgents’, and special guests moderators Anis Suhaila Ahmad Lutfi from Rumah Lipur Lara and Janet Pillai from Arts-ED.


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