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Written by: Donnie Sinongco for MPS Collective
Photos by: Donnie Sinongco, Azman Karib Ibrahim and Mustaffa Ahmad


Sequencing and Portfolio Review: A Workshop with Walter Astrada

With the objective of nurturing photographic skills of local talents that is aligned to  the initiatives of the National Blue Ocean Strategy (NBOS), the Malaysian Street Photographers Collective (MSPC) together with Street To Street and its cooperation and strategic partnership with MaTiC (Malaysia Tourism Information Centre), hosted a 2-day workshop focused on photo editing, sequencing and portfolio review, held at the Pusat Pelancongan (Tourism Centre) AV Room last February 18 & 19, 2017.


About The Workshop

Dubbed as ‘Editing, Sequencing, and Portfolio Review,’ the seminar aimed to provide a platform for the participants to showcase their collection, be properly guided in selecting photos to form effective narratives and receive meaningful critiques from a professional. Joined by seven photographers of different background bound by a common interest in street photography, the ‘small group’ format of the workshop made it possible for the attendees to interact closely to one another.

The particpants of the Photo Editing, Sequencing and Portfolio Review Workshop (from L to R): Muhammad Norli Bin Amir, Mahfuz Jaffar, Mustaffa Ahmad, Walter Astrada, Azman Karib Ibrahim, Nor Razi Misran, Datin Maureen Jafrey and Donnie Sinongco.


Photographer on a Bike and his ‘Journey’

Walter Astrada and his motorbike that accompanies him in his ‘Journey.’

Leading the program is the multi-awarded and renowned professional, Walter Astrada, who hails from Argentina and with myriad of experiences in photojournalism that earned him the much coveted World Press Photography Awards for News and Contemporary Issues. He is currently in the country as part of the Asian leg of his project entitled ‘The Journey.’

His ‘Journey’ documents an intercontinental travelogue that started in 2015. Armed only by his motor bike, camera and other personal necessities, Walter created a huge collection of breathtaking photos spanning from the picturesque countries of Europe to the ancient cities of Central and South East Asia. His materials became the source of inspiration for the participants of the said workshop.

For more information about Walter Astrada and his portfolio, visit his website.


On Building a Body of Work

Walter explains the importance of having a narrative in the photos as oppose to just shooting it.

For Walter, a systematic approach in photo editing – not the one aided by post-processing software, but the proper way of selecting photos from a series of many shots – will help in trimming down the photos that a person wants to further work on. He shared some ways to help in photo editing such as segregation by lens used, color spaces, the angle of shooting, title, composition, or frame usage.

The group engaging in an interactive discussion with Walter Astrada.

Photo sequencing then follows when selected outputs are streamlined to form a coherent body of work. During the workshop, participants were told to bring a minimum of 40 pieces to be presented to the group. Through Astrada’s guidance, each individual managed to choose the photos that work well together. Walter also gave a one to one portfolio review to everyone, providing constructive criticisms in improving their skills and sharing insights in building more effective photographic style.


MSPCollective Initiatives

Media outlet E.S.A and Studio 24 conducted an interview with each of the participant, talking about their photography background, interest and career plans.

Considered as ‘Home to Passionate Street Photographers’, the MSPCollective plans to exhibit the curated works of the attendants to help motivate more talents and extend its reach both locally and globally. Apart from the insightful discussion, light refreshments were also provided by the organizing committee throughout the activities. Media partners E.S.A. and Studio 24 conducted an interview to each of the participants, asking their individual background, photography inspiration and future plans for their work.

At the end of the seminar, certificates were handed to each photography enthusiast headed by Azman Karib Ibrahim, Project Manager for the MSP Collective and Walter himself.

Event Photo Gallery

Walter Astrada giving lecture on how to choose a series of photographs that work well together for a narrative.

Walter conducting a portfolio review with the attendees.

Walter explains to the photographers the easiness of having photos taken in horizontal (portrait) than vertical (portrait) frame, due to too many unnecessary spaces in the composition in the latter.

Walter looks into the photos brought by the participants to determine the pieces that relate to one another and can be considered as a body of work.