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Kota Peta Discussion and Forum:

Cadangan Tajuk Session #1
1) “Mapping The Map”
2) “Cultural Mapping: What Marks The Spot?”

This discussion will look at cultural mapping as an alternative methodology in decentering knowledge production within the community. By dissecting the diverse cultural mapping initiatives and practices exhibited in “Kota Peta”–from cycling, photography, to place-making as methodological approaches–the discussion will further unravel the complexities and intersectionalities of Kuala Lumpur’s urbanization process and its diverse inhabitants.

Moderator :
Janet Pillai (Founder, Arts-Ed)

Panellists :
Kenneth Wong (Founder, People. Ideas. Culture)
Jeffrey Lim (Cycling KL)
Mahfuz Jaffar (MSP Collective)

Cadangan Tajuk Session #2
1) “City As Character”
2) “Placing the City in Story”

What are the similarities / differences between the world’s literati flâneurs, the likes of Naquib Mahfouz, A. Samad Said, Siti Zainon and T. Alias Taib, in seeing and capturing the essence of a city? How do the writers map the city through their emotions, memories and experiences? The discussion will explore questions of how Kuala Lumpur’s urbanization phenomena influence the development of its modernist literature and cityscapes.

Moderator :
Anis Suhaila (Rumah Lipur Lara)

Panellist :
Ridhwan Saidi (LiteraCity)
Adriana Manan (UnRepresented: KL)
Doris Q (LPPL)
Huei Miin (Booku)

All discussions will be conducted bilingually (Bahasa Malaysia & English)

Everybody are Welcome!

More Info about The Forum and Exhibition.